Castaloop offers Terminal Handling & Stevedoring operations for several ports along the St. Lawrence, the Great Lakes and the Maritimes.

Castaloop’s stevedoring services are specifically designed to handle bulk and break-bulk cargo. We don’t attempt to be everything to everyone; rather, we focus at what we are good at: handling cargo to and from ships and operating terminals with your cargo.

We’re interested in reinventing how longshoremen handle ocean freight in Canadian ports. As a Castaloop client, you can be confident that you obtain the best solution to meet your requirements and the most efficient method of shipping your specific products.

Handling bulk and break-bulk cargo should be planned and orchestrated, but never improvised. A better process enables you to benefit from economies of scale while maintaining excellence of quality.

Simple, efficient and dedicated to making a difference for you. You’ll appreciate the difference that our modern, open and customer focused business model makes to you.
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