The Three Greats

The Great Lakes and Great Canadian North, over the course of history, have never been as efficiently serviced as they are today. This truth stems from the rise and growth of a third Great, however, this one be man-made.

The third Great is attributed to the Canadian ship-owner — the collective that has had to build and adapt a successful business model around a region of the world that not only challenges existence year after year with harsh, ever-changing climate and dreadful ice, but literally shuts down on an annual basis.

Since late 2008, vessels from around the world have been plagued with an overcapacity of freight offer that has in turn translated itself into dire freight rates. Despite these additional challenges, Canadian ship-owning leaders such as Fednav and Desgagnés continue to grow and adapt their respective service offer to this ever-changing part of the world.

Fednav has been delivering a higher standard in ocean shipping for over seven decades since 1944 and has been providing a direct continuous all water service to the Great Lakes trade since the opening of the seaway 57 years ago. Fednav have developed and fostered consistent growth to the Canadian and American heartland by literally connecting the Great Lakes to the world with ocean going vessels. Having developed the world’s largest fleet offering in maximized Seaway freight per sailing, they designed an entire market eco-system for their niche products and ephemeral trading patterns that so many shippers and carriers have learnt to embrace.

therer Another Canadian carrier, Desgagnés, have made the Great North their playground since the early 1960’s. A great deal can be said when you take some of the harshest shipping conditions on earth and somehow make it look easy. Their constant and significant investments over the years in a modern fleet boasting beautifully designed, multi-purpose vessels with cranes combining to 360 mt lifting capacity opened up an entire realm of possibilities to the Northern communities that were but a vision not 15 years ago.

Greatness is said to arise from the ability and eminence of being considerably above the norm; by having found a way to tame mother nature in what was once thought to be unsurmountable greatness, while making it seem so simple thanks to a constancy in ingenuity and resilience, a third Great needs to be crowned.