European Breakbulk shipowners leading the way

When the going gets tuff…Breakbulk ship owners get creative with amazing marketing campaigns!

For nearly a decade, from a creativity standpoint, our industry has completely transformed its image in so many awesome ways. Driven by the modern marketing visual approaches found in the many younger industries has instigated a double dose of ‘Marketing WOW’ while still maintaining a serious and open for business approach.

Long gone are the ultra-conservatism requirements to do business in the shipping industry that have indoctrinated the practice since the maritime industry’s inception as reportedly the second oldest profession in the world. Perhaps, it was its obvious need to distinguish itself from the first that brought it to this serious, don’t let your guard down, don’t let em see you sweat approach…

Irregardless of its cause, motivation or origin, European Breakbulk carriers have pioneered modern marketing initiatives over the last decade that have been nothing short of breathtaking and truly visually appealing. They have taught us that well crafted image campaigns of all sorts, combined to creative approaches that challenged the norm and the occasional surprise of guerilla marketing could bring a great deal of fun to an industry that direly required it; And this, while all the while maintaining a professional and first class approach to business, every step of the way.

They proved to us that you could let your hair down, be provocative and still be a fully fledged, seasoned pro.

Whom could ever forget:
-Attending one of the many breakbulk conferences, and after a usually harsh day of travel to get there, using BBC Chartering’s now famous hotel key card to get into your hotel room.


-Visiting Wagenborg’s website to be greeted by a video that combines visual and auditory passion through a storyline that finds a way to combine so many of their service offers in such a short period of time.


-Hansa Heavylift’s Discovery Channel like narration that take you to the sea’s edge in their servicing the many industries.

-Walking into a shipping conference, anywhere in the world, and losing all sense of a horizon in seeing Spliethoff’s booth, designed to be a massive and modern ship’s hull.


And whom hasn’t secretly desired a pair of those fancy Flinter Shoes?!


All of these companies, awesome in their own right; all making due with current market conditions, continue to weather the storm that has plagued our industry as of late and for far too long. Despite these bitter challenges, they have led the way in reshaping our industry by bringing some much needed appeal in so many creative approaches to state their version of a beacon that singles out attention to their trade. Theirs is one of the seas, currently harsher in dismal freight rates than virtually any storm they could bravely sail through to deliver on their promise.

To these and many other fine, marketing savvy leaders whom show us the way in having a positive, proactive approach of industry progress during these times, we salute you! Let us hope this modern approach shall quickly percolate throughout the rest of the industry and instigate the much needed growth to collectively push forward.