Port of Buffalo


In its continued and strategic growth, Castaloop USA is proud to announce having concluded an alliance with The Port of Buffalo, NY for the marketing and operational stevedoring services to develop and promote the private facilities for bulk, break bulk, wind and project cargoes.


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Port of Oswego

The board of Directors for the Oswego Port Authority and Castaloop USA Inc. are pleased to announce a strategic alliance in the Port of Oswego’s continued growth and commitment to service the Greater Northern New York region.
Port of Oswego


Well, everyone is handling them…
We just think it’s AWESOME that Castaloop is as well!
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How To Increase Sales By 50%

How to increase sales by 50% in 7 easy steps…
Step 1: Be a small and energetic company that launched last November;
Step 2: Have an excellent team and partners that are laser-focused on customer satisfaction;
Step 3: Obtain great support from some amazing customers since launch; …
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And then there were TWO

On May 26 th 2017, Castaloop successfully concluded the loading of its second wind energy vessel, the M/V HHL Rhine, a first in a series of a four vessel contract at the Port of Bécancour.
Thanks to a new agreement obtained with La Société du Parc Industriel et Portuaire de Bécancour, Castaloop obtained a long term operating lease thereby enabling the company to continue its strategic growth in service offer to newly include the Port of Bécancour.
Despite the M/V HHL Rhine having arrived in Bécancour on the same day as the onset of a province-wide labour and construction strike paralyzing the entire industrial sector far and wide, Castaloop orchestrated a successful series of proactive measures to make certain to deliver on its promise: to make a difference for its customer.
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New Partnership Agreement PortHawkesbury-Castaloop

Port Hawkesbury Paper’s marine facilities in Cape Breton are now under a new marketing and operating agreement with Castaloop
Québec, QC- Port Hawkesbury Paper, an industrial employer in Cape Breton producing high quality supercalendared paper in North America and Castaloop, a bulk and break bulk terminal operator, servicing clients on the St. Lawrence, Great Lakes and Maritimes have entered into a strategic alliance to market PHP’s marine facilities located in Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia.
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Remember your first…

On April 20 th , 2017, thanks in large part to our partners, Port Hawkesbury Paper, who were instrumental in making all this possible by enabling a smooth operation as well as ENERCON for entrusting us with the care of their wind turbines, Castaloop proudly and successfully completed the unloading of its first wind vessel on the M/V Onego Merchant.

Although our team members count decades of individual experience handling such shipments, combining this knowledge for a safe and efficient operation under the Castaloop banner was a first for our united team.

Castaloop would also wish to express a sincere thanks to Onego Shipping for its dedicated and talented crew of the M/V Onego Merchant.

They say you never forget your first, and we won’t; but more importantly, we will never forget those who trusted us from the start, and for this, we shall forever be in your debt.


Trust and transparency

The Internet is often described as a web, connecting people across the globe, but in many ways, it also functions as a window—armed with unprecedented access to information; potential customers and clients can easily see which companies are worthy of their business, and which are not. As skepticism is almost second-nature to modern internet users, trust is one of the most valuable qualities a business can achieve.

Gaining trust might seem like a simple goal for a company to accomplish, however, businesses throughout the world are continuously working against established negative perceptions. According to the 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer, only 52% of people from around the globe trust the business world.

One of the ways businesses are increasingly establishing trust is through transparency. According to accounting firm PwC, trust is more likely when a company exhibits authenticity and transparency in all aspects of its business—marketing, financial results, hiring practices, etc.—rather than simply relying on the strengths of its products or services alone. This hasn’t always been the case; principles of trust have shifted over the years in response to economic climates, innovation, and other outside factors.

Data from PwC show that from the 1920s-1960s, consumers tended to trust businesses that shared common interest and values. From the 1960s-1980s, the threat of consequences from regulators or other outside parties kept business trust in line. Since then, trust has been enabled by transparency and information more than anything else, which means businesses can no longer withhold or cleverly reshape information without consequence.

Being accountable through transparent business practices not only presents companies with a significant opportunity to increase customer loyalty, improve service, and boost brand awareness—a strong perception of trustworthiness can lead to measurable growth. According to Timothy Erblich, CEO of The Ethisphere Institute, firms that rank among the World’s Most Ethical Companies outperformed the S&P 500 by 3.3% in 2015. In addition, companies that practice transparency won’t be tainted by association when another company in the same industry displays an action that lacks integrity.

Of course, when it comes to the positive effect of transparency and trust on a business, the opposite is also true. Companies that “spin” unfavorable information or try to conceal it will be quickly dismissed and forgotten by potential clients, or in a worst-case scenario, vilified online in social media and popular review sites. Trust can take years to build, but it only takes one perceived brush with dishonesty to destroy it completely.

So whether a company is launching a new marketing campaign, offering informative content on their website, or even dealing with the fallout of a negative news story, transparency should always be the guiding factor to action.



The Three Greats

The Great Lakes and Great Canadian North, over the course of history, have never been as efficiently serviced as they are today. This truth stems from the rise and growth of a third Great, however, this one be man-made.

The third Great is attributed to the Canadian ship-owner — the collective that has had to build and adapt a successful business model around a region of the world that not only challenges existence year after year with harsh, ever-changing climate and dreadful ice, but literally shuts down on an annual basis.

Since late 2008, vessels from around the world have been plagued with an overcapacity of freight offer that has in turn translated itself into dire freight rates. Despite these additional challenges, Canadian ship-owning leaders such as Fednav and Desgagnés continue to grow and adapt their respective service offer to this ever-changing part of the world.

Fednav has been delivering a higher standard in ocean shipping for over seven decades since 1944 and has been providing a direct continuous all water service to the Great Lakes trade since the opening of the seaway 57 years ago. Fednav have developed and fostered consistent growth to the Canadian and American heartland by literally connecting the Great Lakes to the world with ocean going vessels. Having developed the world’s largest fleet offering in maximized Seaway freight per sailing, they designed an entire market eco-system for their niche products and ephemeral trading patterns that so many shippers and carriers have learnt to embrace.

therer Another Canadian carrier, Desgagnés, have made the Great North their playground since the early 1960’s. A great deal can be said when you take some of the harshest shipping conditions on earth and somehow make it look easy. Their constant and significant investments over the years in a modern fleet boasting beautifully designed, multi-purpose vessels with cranes combining to 360 mt lifting capacity opened up an entire realm of possibilities to the Northern communities that were but a vision not 15 years ago.

Greatness is said to arise from the ability and eminence of being considerably above the norm; by having found a way to tame mother nature in what was once thought to be unsurmountable greatness, while making it seem so simple thanks to a constancy in ingenuity and resilience, a third Great needs to be crowned.

European Breakbulk shipowners leading the way

When the going gets tuff…Breakbulk ship owners get creative with amazing marketing campaigns!

For nearly a decade, from a creativity standpoint, our industry has completely transformed its image in so many awesome ways. Driven by the modern marketing visual approaches found in the many younger industries has instigated a double dose of ‘Marketing WOW’ while still maintaining a serious and open for business approach.

Long gone are the ultra-conservatism requirements to do business in the shipping industry that have indoctrinated the practice since the maritime industry’s inception as reportedly the second oldest profession in the world. Perhaps, it was its obvious need to distinguish itself from the first that brought it to this serious, don’t let your guard down, don’t let em see you sweat approach…

Irregardless of its cause, motivation or origin, European Breakbulk carriers have pioneered modern marketing initiatives over the last decade that have been nothing short of breathtaking and truly visually appealing. They have taught us that well crafted image campaigns of all sorts, combined to creative approaches that challenged the norm and the occasional surprise of guerilla marketing could bring a great deal of fun to an industry that direly required it; And this, while all the while maintaining a professional and first class approach to business, every step of the way.

They proved to us that you could let your hair down, be provocative and still be a fully fledged, seasoned pro.

Whom could ever forget:
-Attending one of the many breakbulk conferences, and after a usually harsh day of travel to get there, using BBC Chartering’s now famous hotel key card to get into your hotel room.


-Visiting Wagenborg’s website to be greeted by a video that combines visual and auditory passion through a storyline that finds a way to combine so many of their service offers in such a short period of time. https://www.wagenborg.com


-Hansa Heavylift’s Discovery Channel like narration that take you to the sea’s edge in their servicing the many industries. https://www.hansaheavylift.com/home

-Walking into a shipping conference, anywhere in the world, and losing all sense of a horizon in seeing Spliethoff’s booth, designed to be a massive and modern ship’s hull.


And whom hasn’t secretly desired a pair of those fancy Flinter Shoes?!


All of these companies, awesome in their own right; all making due with current market conditions, continue to weather the storm that has plagued our industry as of late and for far too long. Despite these bitter challenges, they have led the way in reshaping our industry by bringing some much needed appeal in so many creative approaches to state their version of a beacon that singles out attention to their trade. Theirs is one of the seas, currently harsher in dismal freight rates than virtually any storm they could bravely sail through to deliver on their promise.

To these and many other fine, marketing savvy leaders whom show us the way in having a positive, proactive approach of industry progress during these times, we salute you! Let us hope this modern approach shall quickly percolate throughout the rest of the industry and instigate the much needed growth to collectively push forward.