Established and determined to generate a real difference for its customers, Castaloop offers the flexibility and professionalism they are looking from within an environment in perpetual evolution. By its approach, focused on customer service and governed by a sense of innovation, Castaloop offers a new alternative in stevedoring on the St.Lawrence River, the Great Lakes and the Maritimes.

Our Origins

Castaloop was founded in 2016 with a clear purpose, to make a difference in all we undertake for the many customers in the maritime transportation industry.

Born through a partnership between Groupe Bellemare and Groupe Somavrac, and led by Philip O’Brien, Castaloop has defined itself as a true and reliable alternative in stevedoring and terminal handling.

Castaloop’s service offer focuses on customers feeling respected and where the word « partnership » has a genuine meaning.

A modern, energetic leadership of integrity, coupled to a highly experienced and flexible team; That’s Castaloop!

The strength of a partnership
Firmly wishing to push its area of expertise further, Castaloop enlisted two business partners with similar visions and aspirations: Group Bellemare and Group Somavrac.Leaders in their respective markets, these two privately held firms have, over the last half century, cumulated an invaluable wealth of complimentary expertise and a business vision that has left its mark. Their alliance shapes and fosters Castaloop’s purpose.

To Make a Difference
Today, Eastern Canada’s ports and terminals are experiencing significant challenges with operational and conceptual practices that have seldom evolved over the last several decades.
This situation, characterized by a logistics chain in constant redefinition, requires an experienced, fair and efficient alternative to serve the many customers along the St.Lawrence River, the Great Lakes and the Maritimes. Castaloop aspires to fully service this requirement.


Castaloop is directed by Philip O’Brien. Cumulating over 20 years of experience in stevedoring, Philip is accompanied by a team that shares a collective vision.

Together, they aspire to:

  • Place the customer first
  • Do things differently
  • Apply the same disruptive and innovative practices found in modern industries to our stevedoring profession

Some of the many faces that make up our team:

Director of Sales – Breakbulk
Director of Sales - Bulk
Director of Operations
Accountant technician
Operations Manager
Logistics coordinator
Kevin Delong

What’s in a name…

Castaloop’s name was inspired by the Finnish designer, Vesa Timonon. The cast loop is a challenge, a puzzle.

It is the unification of unique pieces that once combined, generate a strong and eternal ring.

Castaloop is the unification of unique opportunity, know-how, the resources and the contacts combined to achieve stevedoring greatness.

We acquired and represent STEVEDORING.COM as we believe that owning the root domain name of our industry speaks volumes as to our commitment to invest in reshaping our industry for the generations to come.